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Throw and sort the 5 dice in this popular classic Yahtzee game. The objective is to get as many points as possible by rolling five dice and getting certain combinations. Combine the dice to score a 'full house', a 'large straight', 'Carré' and other combinations, or take the risk and collect 5 of the same dice to score 5Dice, more commonly known as Yahtzee. The premise is simple, yet it trains your analytical thinking skills as it requires real skill to set the highest score! Are you up for it?

Make combinations

Throw the dice and make combinations

Throw the dice and make combinations, such as a small straight, a large straight or full house. Do you have 5 dice with the same value? Then you get 5Dice!

Throw 3 times

Throw and combine the dice for the highest score

You can throw the dice three times each turn. After the third throw, choose the combination you have made: all possible combinations are highlighted!


Make the right combinations and receive a bonus

The game is over when you have crossed off all the combinations on the score card. Did you score 63 or more on the Top Section? Then you will receive 35 bonus points!


How it works

5Dice has the same rules as the popular dice game Yahtzee where you throw the dice to make combinations, such as a small straight, a large straight, or a full house.

In each turn you can throw the dice 3 times. If you have thrown the dice you select which dice you want to hold and which dice you want to throw again.

The game ends once all combinations on the scoring card have been crossed off.


For the top section you will receive the combined amount of points of the dice that that correspond with the combination being crossed off: if you throw a 3 four times and you cross off the 3 on your card, you will receive 12 points, for throwing a 5 three times you will receive 15 points, etcetera. When you have crossed off the top section completely and you have 63 points or more, you will receive 35 bonus points.

The bottom section scoring is as follows: For a three of a kind, Carré and chance you receive the sum of all 5 dice, a full house gives 25 points, a small straight gives you 30 points, a large straight gives you 40 points and scoring 5Dice gives you 50 points.

At the end of the game the scores of the top and bottom card are added together to make up your final score.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score
Muffinhond 342
wolleblue1 335
zazou46 328
michiemich 327
appel1234 326
TiJaDa04 324
glimbibs1 323
cavernousafricancive 321
Roa2010 319
appels22 317

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
Muffinhond 349
wolleblue1 335
joez0181 335
Gabsyhighone 333
saltyme13 331
mark.o 330
jesnia 330
Wouter1981 329
puriot 329
Wolfskop 329

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
beatys 363
lila13 361
Caramba111 361
Muffinhond 361
johnW54 359
Melliej_ 358
darkcyanlemming25 354
Loonnnnn 354
Walnut12m 352
disastrousocelot49 350