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Frank N. Stein and his monster friends have a hunger that is not easily satisfied. The group of friends scavenge through the woods at night looking for very particular creepy crawlies, bark and fungi to eat. Though the forest in question is not just any forest... it is filled with all sorts of magical and weird properties. One of these properties is that the food only becomes edible when you match two of the same monster snacks with each other. Will you help satisfy the hunger of the monster friends by matching the delicious tiles in this free to play Monster Mahjong game?


Monster Mahjong - Match the stones!

Clear the field by matching identical stones.


Monster Mahjong - Match the correct colors!

Colored stones are special. You can match them by color only!


Monster Mahjong - Always keep the time in mind.

Try to finish as many levels as you can before time runs out!


How it works

In this monsterously good version of Mahjong, it is your goal to play away as many stones as you can within the time limit. Removing a pair of stones gives you points, and you can get more points when you make multiple matches in a row!

If you manage to play fast enough, special stones will appear. These can be identified by their impressive shine. When you happen to match a stone like this, one of the three possible bonusses will appear! Make sure you activate them fast enough because they appear for a limited time!

One of these bonusses will give you an extra shuffle. With a shuffle you can re-shuffle the field when there are no playable matches. You always start each game with one shuffle available.

Another bonus is available for adding an extra 1000 points to your score, be sure not to miss it! The final bonus will automaticly match 3 stones for you. It can even match stones which you can't access!

When you finish a level within the time you can progress to the next one, allowing you to reach even greater heights!

With these tips you can be sure you will be the best Mahjong Monster!


For every match you make, you will receive 120 points per stone.

Consecutive matches, when made fast enough, will add 20 points to each removed stone, with no Maximum! So try to chain up those matches.

One of the bonusses you can activate will add 1000 points to your score.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score
Jackie27141 137,480
zorionakcris 126,240
Tas1987 120,840
cavana 107,440
sylenka 105,480
tamaar81 98,360
32Didi32 95,320
Andy911 64,800
gassie1001 60,880
Anita050 55,400

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
gassie1001 165,320
Michelle81 162,720
Jackie27141 145,440
zorionakcris 126,240
tamaar81 123,080
Tas1987 120,840
NaomiDTK 119,760
sylenka 114,600
cavana 107,440
32Didi32 95,320

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
LoStLe 241,200
Michelle81 227,160
Chicooo 181,640
Kasiunis 178,120
Chantheman 168,920
tamaar81 167,760
gassie1001 165,320
liliklein 155,840
blueblury 150,400
Jackie27141 145,440