Playing games

How do I play for chips?

In order to play a game you need to have a Zigiz account and some chips to bet with. When you have an account and some chips you can start playing the paid games by going to the game page.

We suggest that you first try playing a couple of free games to improve your skill of the game, this way you have a higher chance of beating other players.

Where can I find the game rules?

On each game page you will see a tab called 'How to play': if you click this you can read the complete game explanation, what the rules are and how the points are given out. In the games themselves there is also a bar marked 'Game help', located underneath the game. If you expand this you also get the game tips with information on what you should do.

My game wont start, what now?

If a game doesn't start or load correctly, make sure that you meet all the requirements needed to play the games on Zigiz (listed below). Games that are not started correctly will automatically be refunded after 15-30 minutes, when this happens you receive a notification.

The game has frozen, what do I do?

If a game freezes mid-game, try reloading the page. Alternatively you can return to the gamepage and click 'Resume' to continue your game from there, or you can go to the game history page to see which games are still open. After doing that the game should continue from where you left off, allowing you to finish the game. Please note that the game time will continue to count down.

If the game does not continue, or freezes again, please contact customer support and include details about what happened in order to have your bet returned and so that this problem can be fixed.

What browser do I need to be able to play games on Zigiz?


In order to play games on Zigiz you need to have an up to date browser: Zigiz supports Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer (version 9 or later only). For the best experience however we strongly advise you to play our games using Google Chrome.

Please make sure that the browser you use is up to date: we only support the latest versions of each browser.

Besides an up to date browser, you also need to have the latest Adobe Flash player installed, which you can download from the Adobe Flash player website. And finally we advise a screen resolution of at least 1024x768 pixels.

Mobile / tablet

For your mobile or tablet device we support: Safari, the stock Android browser and Chrome for mobile.

For the best experience on iOs devices (iPad, iPhone), we recommend you use Safari.

For the best experience on Android devices, we recommend you use Chrome for Android.