Jackpots and tournaments

How do I play a tournament or jackpot game?

There is a list of betting options on each game page from which you can start tournament and jackpot games.

When you start a game you have a set amount of time to finish the game, when you run out of time the game will end automatically. With some games the game will also end when you cannot make anymore moves, for example with Sunset Solitaire, Dr. 5Dice or Pyramid Solitaire. Your opponent has the same amount of time to finish the game. After you have finished the game you will go to an overview page where you can see what your score is and what the scores of your opponents are.

What are tournament games?

In tournament games you play against a fixed amount of 1 or more opponents and the game is closed when the participant limit is reached. Depending on the amount of players, there are 1 or multiple prizes. These prizes are based on the bet amount, the higher the bet, the higher the prizes. In the start popup you can see an overview of the prize distribution.

When you and your opponents have finished, the prizes are distributed and automatically added to your account.

What are jackpot games?

In jackpot games you play against an unlimited amount of opponents that all try to get the highest score before the jackpot closes. Each jackpot has a fixed start and closing time, varying from a couple of hours to several days.

In jackpot games, you can participate as many times as you want, allowing you to try to improve your score (your highest score counts). For every game that is played, the prize pot of the jackpot is increased, thus increasing the size of the jackpot over time. The more participants a jackpot game has, the more prizes will be given out.

When the jackpot closing time is reached the jackpot is closed. The prizes will then be distributed and added to your account automatically.

Where can I see the status of the games I played?

On the game history page you can see an overview of:

Do I need to do anything to get my winnings?

Nope! When a game has closed, you'll get the prizes right away. Every time you win something, you receive a notification message showing how much you received.

You can see an overview of all games that you participated in on the game history page.

When do I get my prize?

For tournament games, the prizes are given out when both you and your opponents have finished playing their game. Because you don't play against opponents in real time, it can take a while until we find you an opponent. When everyone is finished, the prizes are given out within a couple of minutes.

For jackpot games, there is a short processing period in which we wait for players to finish their game. This means it can take a while (up to 30 minutes) before the jackpot prizes are distributed when it has closed.