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No jackpots available right now


Reginald E. Magpie is on a mischievous streak. Sure, fine feathers make fine birds, but this magpie is looking for more. This is why he is after all the 'bling' he can gather. Diamonds, gold and silver, as long as it is shining Reginald is pining. Being such a cunning bird, Reginald likes others to get their hands dirty looking for gems. You can help him by playing a dazzling game of Diamond Dazzle. Are you also attracted and distracted by shiny objects? Then help this clever bird collect all the jewels in this crossover between a Brick Buster and a Match 3 game named Diamond Dazzle. Collect as many gems at once by making the biggest groups possible.


Diamond Dazzle - Click on groups of gems.

Remove gems by clicking on groups of 3 or more gems! The bigger, the better.

Watch out!

Diamond Dazzle - Keep the amount of moves in mind.

Your moves are limited. Your game ends when you are out of moves or out of time.


Diamond Dazzle - Remove the specified gems for a level up.

Reach the goal and level up for a higher multiplier.


How it works

In this awesome twist of the classic brick buster you need to collect as many gems as possible. You collect gems when you click on a gem group of 3 or higher. Bigger groups give you higher scores!

Collecting gems fast enough puts you into a 'Dazzle Mode' for an even higher score! In Dazzle Mode, the border of your playing field will catch fire, and Reginald E. will start the Dazzle Dance! Your Dazzle streak will be over when you fail to collect groups fast enough, or when the group you click is too small.

You level up by collecting the needed amount of gems of a specific color. You can see this goal on the right side of the field, below your score.

The game ends when you run out of moves. You start with 100 moves available in the beginning, and you can track the progress at the bottom of the field.


For every group of gems you collect, you get the amount of gems times the amount of gems. So a group of 7 gems gives you (7 x 7 =) 49 points.

If the amount of gems exceeds 10, the score gets doubled! This means removing 20 gems gives you 800 points!

All points you receive are multiplied by two in the Dazzle modus. On top of all this, your scores are multiplied depending on your current level.

Daily High scores

Player Player Score
lovinight 30,074
Rikkie4 26,296
Hanneke62 23,161
swooty 20,935
pepette81 17,255
cochie75 15,367
Hannele65 14,779
nightowl7217 11,920
Master09 10,718
Cheeky1 10,190

Weekly High scores

Player Player Score
Baggins405 33,154
lovinight 32,412
Rikkie4 29,784
Boiz88 27,331
EsserI 25,813
cochie75 25,318
Charlotte00 25,309
jenoffel 24,313
Hanneke62 24,085

All-time High scores

Player Player Score
Bockwurst79 64,182
marc57200 59,812
beatys 58,337
zigizje1 56,831
YorkNight 54,378
foreveriron 54,036
YorkieN 50,403
rarke29 48,774
muffin53 46,376
moune33127 46,209